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Adjuvant Types

There is different kinds of adjuvant:

1. Surfactants (also called spreaders or wetting agents)

An adjuvant that reduces surface surface tension between the spray solution droplets and the pest target’s surface, thus providing greater coverage. 

2. Crop Oil Concentrates

A combination of oil (petroleum or vegetable) and surfactants/emulsifiers. Crop oil concentrates act as penetrants, stickers, spreaders (limited), humectants, etc.

3. Methylated  or Ethylated Seed Oils

An emulsified methylated or ethylated seed oil. Act as penetrants, spreaders (limited), humectants, etc. 

4. Penetrators

Enhance uptake of pesticides through target pests surfaces.

5. Spreader/Stickers/Extenders

Combine spreading and adhesive qualities to improve coverage and retention of pesticide.

6. Humectants

Increase the drying time of spray solutions which provides greater time for the pesticide to enter the targets surface.  Used during high temperature, low humidity and low spray volume situations.

7. Drift Control Agents

Reduces the amount of fine spray particles that carry pesticide out of target areas. (polyacrylimides, encapsulators, others)

8. Colorants

Used to alter the color of spray solutions.