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  • Silicone Oil Defoaming Agent

Silicone Oil Defoaming Agent

Defoaming Agent is a Organosilicone defoamer agent.

Product Description

Product Description

Defoaming Agent is a Organosilicone defoamer agent. It is a proprietary blend of polysiloxane, modified polysiloxane. Which is with great anti foam,defoaming ability, and no slicking or floating oil.

Product Features

(1). Consist of Polysiloxane, silicone surfactant

(2). Under the extremely low solubility has very good defoaming effect

(3). With good stability, steady effect during storage life, No stratification under the condition of high temperature.

(4). Has good general application, can be used in a widely pH value.Good applicability in different water-based forms.

AppearanceWhite emulsion liquid
Viscosity,25℃,mm2/s (29#, 20r/min)3500
Solid Content (100℃, 1h)48.5%

Package: 1000kgs, 200Kgs, 50Kgs, or 25Kgs/drum, or package customize

Storage: Store in dry place, avoid exposing to the sun.