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Wetting Penetration Agent

Super wetting and Penetration Surfactant Manufacture

Product Description

Product Description

TIS-372 is a special non ionic modified surfactant, it is a special high efficiency adjuvant, do not contain technical active ingredients, it has no herbicidal, insecticidal, fungicidal function, but it has a strong affinity, adhesive force and penetration on the surface of plant,greatly reduce the surface tension, greatly improve the fast acting and control efficiency effect of fertilizer.


Appearance:                            Colorless transparent liquid

Active content:                        100%

Ionic type:                                Non ionic

pH Value:                                 6.0~8.0

Surface tension:                       26.4~28.5

Penetration time:                      29s~3min

Product Advantage:

(1) Safety and environmental protection, no pollution to the environment.

(2) With wetting penetrating effect,  improve the weeding readily.
(3) Product is nonionic,good compound nature,soluble in water,but also soluble in solvents, it can be used in water-based and oily system products

(4) Widely used in SC, EW, EC and OD formulation