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Jiangxi Tiansheng New materials Co Ltd was build in 2006 which located in a beautiful city JI AN in Jiangxi Province China It is a leading manufacturer of Agriculture silicone adjuvant and decorative granite flakes The factory is more than 15 000 square meter with advance equipments and rich experience R D team Products are exported to all over the world with first class quality which makes TIS have a good reputation

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Silicone Adjuvant

Anti-drift Adjuvant

Seed Coating Adjuvant

Bispyribac Sodium SC Adjuvant

Anti-foaming Agent

Wetting Agent

Spray Adjuvant

Dispersing Agent

Stabilizing Agent

Mineral Oil Adjuvant

Products Keywords
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coatingsAgricultural Organosilicone Wetting Adjuvantdispersing agent used in hydrometer analysisAgrochemical Surfactants CAS NO. 134180-76-0Stabilizing Synergist for Oil-based Pesticidesodium hexametaphosphate as a dispersing agentsurface active agents and their classificationanionic and nonionic surfactants in detergentstypes of adjuvants used in pesticide formulationhydrophilic polymer coatings for medical deviceswetting and dispersing agent for organic pigmentsPolyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxanedispersing agent correction in hydrometer analysis
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