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Jiangxi Tiansheng New materials Co Ltd was build in 2006 which located in a beautiful city JI AN in Jiangxi Province China It is a leading manufacturer of Agriculture silicone adjuvant and decorative granite flakes The factory is more than 15 000 square meter with advance equipments and rich experience R D team Products are exported to all over the world with first class quality which makes TIS have a good reputation

Categories and Products

Silicone Adjuvant

Anti-drift Adjuvant

Seed Coating Adjuvant

Bispyribac Sodium SC Adjuvant

Anti-foaming Agent

Wetting Agent

Spray Adjuvant

Dispersing Agent

Stabilizing Agent

Mineral Oil Adjuvant

Products Keywords
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based wetting agenthydrophobic dispersing agentAnionic Penetrating Adjuvantis detergent a wetting agentwetting agent crossword cluePowder Anti-foaming Adjuvantagricultural spray adjuvantsNonionic Modified Surfactantspray drift control additiveSilicone Defoamer Surfactantdispersing agent for aluminaAgricultural Defoam AdjuvantAgricultural Wetting AdjuvantBispyribac Sodium Sc Adjuvantwetting agent in potting soilwetting agent used in textileshaklee basic i wetting agentModified Polyether SurfactantNon-ionic Modified Surfactantwetting agent developing filmorganic surface active agentsAgrochemical Spray Surfactantcationic surface active agentdispersing agent carbon blacknonionic surface active agentsilicone polyether surfactantpolydimethylsiloxane antifoamSilicone MODIFIED TRISILOXANEBispyribac Sodium SC Adjuvantrespond 3 wetting agent labelionic and nonionic detergentsdispersing agent for pigmentsBispyribac-sodium SC Adjuvanthow does a wetting agent workpolymer spray for sublimationconcrete foaming agent powdersoil surfactant wetting agentpolymer garage floor coatingsacrylic resin concrete sealerdispersing agent for graphitePenetrating Silicone AdjuvantAgricultural Spray Surfactantdispersing agent for graphenewetting agent record cleaninganti foaming agent food gradeAdjuvant Without Nonylphenoxyagricultural adjuvants marketdispersing agent how it worksPenetrating Silicone Additivesurfactant types and uses pdfPolyether Modified Surfactantsilicone defoamer formulationLiquid Trisiloxane Surfactantdispersing agent in cosmeticsAgricultural Drift MitigationAgriculture Silicone Defoamerdispersing agent for titaniumPesticides Fungicide AdjuvantAgrochemical Wetting AdjuvantWetting Penetrating AdditivesPesticide Herbicide SynergistSilicone Polyether SurfactantAgricultural Penetrating Agentwetting agents for golf greensalkyl ether sulfate surfactantdispersing agent charles rivernonionic surfactant definitionanti foaming agent for coolantazodicarbonamide foaming 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Organosiliconewetting agent used in scouringPolyther Modified PolysilixoneAgricultural Silicone AdjuvantPolyether Modified Trisiloxanehow does dispersing agent workWetting and Penetrating AgentsEvaporation Reduction AdjuvantViscosity Reduction DispersantAgricultural Additive Adjuvantconcrete foaming agent for salefoaming agent for polypropyleneAgrochemical Herbicide AdjuvantStabilizing Surfactant Adjuvantcellular concrete foaming agentdispersing agent lignosulfonatefoaming agent for foam concretediy wetting agent used on lawnsdispersing agent pharmaceuticalwetting agent for veggie gardenPesticides Insecticide AdjuvantAgrochemical Adjuvant Synergiststabilizing agent nanoparticlesQS-302 Agrochemical SurfactantsLiquid Silicone Defoaming Agentanti corrosion polymer coatingspolytetrafluoroethylene coatingdispersing agent and emulsifierammonium sulfate spray adjuvantwetting agent for weed sprayingAgriculture Silicone Surfactantsurfactant surface active agentBispyribac-Sodium SC Surfactantpolymer coating for sublimationwetting agent pellet applicatorSilicone Agricultural Adjuvantswetting agent tablet applicatorTrisiloxane Silicone SurfactantAgricultural Wetting SurfactantTrisiloxane Alkoxylate Adjuvantwetting agent for vinyl recordshomemade wetting agent for soilAgricultural Silicone SynergistAgricultural Defoaming AdjuvantSpreader Sticker Spray Additivedispersing agents for oil spillsQS-3240 Agrochemical SurfactantsAgricultural Alkoxylate Adjuvantdispersing agent for alkyd paintTiansheng Agricultural Adjuvantswetting agent for lawns bunningshow does a dispersing agent workAgricultural Adjuvant Surfactantgranular wetting agents for turfAgricultural Specialist ChemicalOrganosilicone Tank Mix Adjuvantalkyl aryl sulfonate surfactantswetting and dispersing additivesPolycarboxylate Dispersing AgentPolyether Trisiloxane Surfactantsilicone surfactants agriculturesurfactants in cleaning productswetting agent for bowling greensA Non-ionic Blend of Surfactantswetting and dispersing agent bykAgricutural Stabilizing AdjuvantPowder Organosilicone SurfactantAgricultural Dispersant Adjuvantcarbon and silicon covalent bondAgri Surfactant or Wetting Agentwetting agent manufacturer indiaLiquid Organosilicone Surfactantwetting agent used in suspensionconcrete foaming agent supplierssodium bicarbonate foaming agentAgricultural Silicone Surfactantanti foaming agent vegetable oilthermoplastic acrylic resin paintFormulation Agricultural AdjuvantAgricultural Trisiloxane AdjuvantOrganosilicon Pesticide SynergistSURFACTANT PENTERRA WETTING Agentwhat is a wetting agent for lawnspolymer cement waterproof coatingepoxy novolac international painthomemade surfactant wetting agentlevelling agent for disperse dyesSuper-spreading Silicone AdjuvantTrisiloxane Ethoxylate Surfactantdispersing agent for carbon blacknatural foaming agent for shampooAdjuvant for Bispyribac Sodium SCbiocompatible hydrophobic coatingfoaming agent in detergent powdersurfactant to use with glyphosatenatural dispersing agent of cogonnonionic surfactant for herbicidewetting agent gardening australiadispersing agent - not surfactantanti foaming agent for edible oilAdjuvant For Bispyribac Sodium Schomemade wetting agent for plantsdispersing agent titanium dioxidePesticides Formulation Surfactantscotts lawn builder wetting agentwhat is a wetting agent for plantsdispersing agent water based paintdispersing agent for reactive dyesPowder Foliage Fertilizer Adjuvantdispersing agent in pharmaceuticaltuff coat polymers private limitedAgricultural Polycarboxylate Agentantifoaming agents in fermentationdispersing agent for disperse dyesSilicone Spreading and Penetratingpolyvinyl alcohol dispersing agentemulsifying and stabilizing agentsbest wetting agent for golf greensnatural foaming agent for concretenatural dispersing agent of coconutstabilizing agent in pharmaceuticalSuperspreading Penetrating Adjuvanthydrogen peroxide stabilizing agentwhat is a dispersing agent used forhomemade foaming agent for concretemethyl methacrylate concrete sealerAgricultural Trisiloxane Surfactantwetting agent manufacturing processsurface active agents sterilizationsilicone additive for acrylic paintapplication of surface active agentswetting agent reduce surface tensionAgricultural Organosilicone Adjuvantdispersing agent hydrometer analysischemical foaming agents for plasticsanti foaming agent for hydraulic oilsynthetic foaming agent for concreteammonium sulphate herbicide adjuvantAgricultural Silicone Spray Adjuvantdispersing agent for water based inkorganic surface active agents meaningdispersing agent for polyester dyeingpolymer modified cement waterproofingpolymer modified cementitious coatingdispersing agent for titanium dioxidedispersing agent meaning in chemistrypolymeric corrosion resistant coatingWetting Adjuvant for Agricultural Usefat emulsifiers and stabilising agentsdispersing agent for calcium carbonateantifoaming agents in fermentation pptfoaming agent for lightweight concreteAgrochemical Organosilicone SurfactantNonionic Silicone Polyether SurfactantAgricultural Organosilicone Surfactantorganic wetting agent for foliar spraypolyvinyl alcohol dispersing agent hachdispersing agent in hydrometer analysisTrisiloxane Ethoxylate Wetting Adjuvantclassification of surface active agentswhat is a dispersing agent in chemistryOrganosilicone Surfactant With Low Foamhomemade wetting agent for foliar sprayAgrochemical Organo-Silicone Surfactantpolymer powder for sublimation printingdispersing agent for water-based paintswetting agent for vinyl record cleaningPolyether MODIFIED TRISILOXANE Sufactantpolymer coating for sublimation printingrepeating unit in organo silicon polymeranionic cationic and nonionic detergentssodium hexametaphosphate dispersing agentbiocompatible coatings for medical devicessilicone additives for paints and coatingssodium polyoxyethylene alkyl ether sulfatesilicone surfactants for polyurethane foamAgrochemical Surfactants CAS NO. 134180-76-0Agricultural Organosilicone Wetting Adjuvantdispersing agent used in hydrometer analysisStabilizing Synergist for Oil-based Pesticidesurface active agents and their classificationsodium hexametaphosphate as a dispersing agentanionic and nonionic surfactants in detergentstypes of adjuvants used in pesticide formulationhydrophilic polymer coatings for medical deviceswetting and dispersing agent for organic pigmentsPolyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxanedispersing agent correction in hydrometer analysis
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